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is a FREE, professional HDD audio recording system for linux operating systems,
written using tcl/tk. Available in release version 3.1, and beta 4.040.

I highly recommend it, if you are using GNU/linux

NOTE: In my usage so far, I have a SB awe64, and needs to be used in half duplex mode. Since the awe64 isnt really full duplex, its sorta full half duplex. What it really means is that they cheated you into thinking its a full duplex card. Its really a 16bit/8bit duplex. But its got some nice MIDI stuff. Used /dev/dspW.
I also have successfully used a SB PCI 128
in FULL duplex mode (OSS non-free version)
[sub fragment, /dev/dspW] cheap piece of *&$&^as it is, at least its full 16/16 bit.

Now, if only Alesis would write a linux driver for it's ADAT-EDIT sound card, I would be set.
I would appreciate everyone emailing ALESIS and asking them to support a linux driver., and that you would buy an ADAT/EDIT card if they did.

I have put up some screenshots and other info here. The official SLab web site is HERE.
SLab takes a bit to learn how to use, but is very professional, and easy to use, once you know how.
Read the README file
download/read the release notes

download slab
download SLab

Description:    SLab Direct to Disk Recording Studio. 64 track mixing
                with 64-16-8-4-2 configuration, user designable desk,
                floating point mixing. Per track digital
                dynamics and digital filters. Stereo bus groupings,
                VU metering, continuous controller recording (mixdown
                sessions). 16 Effects send busses with stereo effects
                API, FX chaining, signal level trimming, bus/FX bypass.
                Includes echo, reverb, flange, phase, chorus, leslie,
                valve, compressor, limitor, stereographic EQ, etc.
                Wave editor, cut/copy/paste/fade/reverse/etc, n-undo
                backout edit support, sample loop previewing, freehand
                wave painting, zero cross detection, metronomic bar/beat
                and SMPTE frame selection editing.
                Full tape spooling with location memories, SMPTE counters.
                Up to 16 IO channels (8 Stereo devs), with IO noise 
                reduction processing, audio data compression to disk, 
                audio metronome, micro-adjustable speed, punch in/out.
                TCL/TK 8.0 based "drag and drop" user interface.
                MultiProcessing/shared memory mix engine.
                Kernel requires SYSV_IPC,
                OSS/Linux 3.9.2m/k2.0.35 advised for full duplex.


SLab's main screen [38907 bytes]

SLab mixer [198852 bytes]

SLab tape deck [50337 bytes]

SLab sound editor [43241 bytes]

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