Dead Silence

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Dead Silence grew out of Sane Asylum (Adam & I had lost our drummer) and was a band I helped form with Kevin "Vulture" O'Dea (vocals), Ted "Silence" Linroth (drums) and Adam Johnson (guitar). I played bass. We played around Boulder and Denver and practiced in Adam's barn until Adam left. I cannot remember where we practiced after that.

When Adam left, we found "Bear" to play bass while I switched to guitar.

You can hear some of the rehearsals at SoundCloud Dead Silence Fan Group
Like this one from the barn (with Adam) October 22 1984

These tracks are from the unreleased demo that was going to be our first release, until I left the band and the remaining members decided to scrap it. Recorded in 1985.

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1. Dead Silence

2. I Don't Want To Get Old

3. You Say I'm Wrong

4. Pirate Song

5. Demonstrate!

6. F'd In The Head